US Army Senior Official Publicly Discloses the Existence of 57 Human-like Alien Species Living Among Us

On May 9th, 2001, a conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where delegates discussed everything and anything, beginning with UFOs and ending with the idea of alien life forms existing within us.

It’s important to note that, according to government authorities, there has been ample evidence to support these allegations by this point.

Sargent Clifford Stone has also sent us a number: 57 alien life forms that look just like us exist among us, according to Sargent Clifford Stone.

He explained that he has no idea what their intentions are or what they’re doing on our world in the first place, but it’s a difficult concept to accept.

The US Army has publicly revealed the existence of 57 alien species that closely resemble humans and are currently living among us. This suggests that a significant number of extraterrestrial species have evolved to resemble humans and are actively operating within our society. The disclosure is said to have been made through a video, which could be an interview or a statement by a military official.

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