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Sumerian Texts Suggest that Alien Astronauts Played a Role in the Genesis of Mankind.

Many theories are circulating about ancient aliens, but one of the most popular theories is how alien astronauts conceived humans. According to this theory, humans came from alien astronauts. It motivated many scholars and writers for decades. They discovered countless proofs worldwide, and these pieces of evidence will prove the theory. However, traditional science rejected the notion of […]

Aliens ‘Are Breeding With Humans To Save Earth’, Oxford Professor Claims

Extraterrestrials are breeding with human beings to produce a superspecies which could one day save the planet from climate change, according to an Oxford University professor. Alien-human hybrids could already be walking among us, Dr Young-hae Chi, an academic at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, claimed. Dr Chi openly believes there is a “strong correlation” between alien abductions and […]

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