Sumerian Texts Suggest that Alien Astronauts Played a Role in the Genesis of Mankind.

Many theories are circulating about ancient aliens, but one of the most popular theories is how alien astronauts conceived humans. According to this theory, humans came from alien astronauts. It motivated many scholars and writers for decades. They discovered countless proofs worldwide, and these pieces of evidence will prove the theory. However, traditional science rejected the notion of ancient aliens.

The ancient Sumerian text has provided the basis for many conspiracy theories and the belief that alien astronauts have had a significant role in the evolution of human beings on Earth.

The Sumerian texts narrate that alien astronauts landed on earth long before humans evolved. They are responsible for mixing their DNA with clay and creating three human beings – Ninti, Lahmu, and Lahamu. Ninti was the goddess of medicine and healing. Lahmu was a god of war, while Lahamu was a god who oversaw the planet’s weather. and fertility. When the gods created humans, they gave them the ability to grow and procreate. They also gave them special food that would ensure their survival, which was called manna. The gods locked manna in clay jars which were hidden throughout the earth, so humans could locate it. They were told not to open it until they reached adulthood because once opened it will stop working.

The most significant link between the development of aliens and civilization might be in history, which was from recorded old clay tablets and manuscripts thousands of years ago.

One of these items is the ancient Sumerian King List, which illustrates monarchs who originated from heaven and were set to rule the Earth for 241,200 years from the inaugural empire. The extraordinary writing was on a clay tablet, which was 4,000 years old, by Hermann Hilprecht, a German American researcher from the twentieth century. Hilprecht discovered about 18 comparable cuneiform tablets.

The tablets were not the same, but they had the same material from a Sumerian historical source. The Sumerian King List recovered over a dozen copies of this item in Susa, Assyria, and Babylon, along with the Royal Library of Nineveh, which is from the 7th century B.C.

Orthodox researchers declined to accept that what’s written on the Sumerian King list is factual. They claimed that the list is a sequence of legendary and prehistorical narratives explaining Gods who ruled over the place for impossibly longer.

In other civilizations from the past, like Mesoamerican, historians compare the holy text in Maya to the Popol Vuh, but both signify that the creatures conceived humanity. The Popol Vuh, which means “Book of the Community,” conveys the hero Twins’ legends, K’iche’s genealogy, and Maya creation narrative. The Heart of Sky, The Creators, and six other goddesses wanted to conceive humans with brains and hearts capable of “keeping the days,” but their efforts were ineffective.

Other artifacts were found that display creatures similar to astronauts, aside from the ancient writings. Al Worden, a former astronaut, shared some interesting things about aliens during an interview. According to Worden, we are aliens, yet we falsely think we are not. He also suggested people check the old Sumerian literature.

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