Questionable Video Shows Alleged ‘Alien’ Found in a Village in Bolivia

A short video clip of what some are claiming to be an alien creature has recently been doing the rounds online.

It would be fair to say that we’ve seen some rather unconvincing examples of alleged alien entities over the years, but that hasn’t stopped this particular clip – which shows something resembling a child’s school art project made from a balloon coated in papier-mache – making it, not only into the local papers, but into the international tabloids as well.

According to reports, residents of Huarina in Bolivia, South America had witnessed a UFO landing nearby and a number of small humanoid creatures running around the place prior to the discovery of what was described as an ‘alien body’ lying in a gutter alongside one of the streets.

Several people managed to film and photograph the alleged extraterrestrial before it mysteriously disappeared.
“They were miniature beings, like those little people who appear to children,” said one resident.

Local officials were reportedly tasked with launching an investigation into the incident, but apart from the widely circulated footage, there doesn’t seem to be any additional evidence forthcoming.

A local news report, which includes the footage itself, can be viewed below.

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