How Sailors Live Under A Flight Deck of an Aircraft Carrier Hangar Bay

Below the flight deck of a US Navy aircraft carrier is an invisible world where thousands of people are working; The Hangar. How does it work?

Many crew members must spend weeks there without seeing the sun. It’s an impressive world with a lot going on. An aircraft carrier is a warship that functions as a seagoing airbase and is outfitted with a full-length flight deck and facilities for transporting, arming, deploying, and retrieving aircraft.

The ship needs to be able to accommodate its whole complement of aircraft, which means it needs space for launching, storing, and servicing those aircraft; the hangar is one portion that fulfills these requirements. How’s life in an aircraft carrier hangar in the middle of the ocean?

Flight deck operations, live from the flight deck, aircraft carrier landing, aircraft carrier take-off, marine corps, marine, Fujian, 003 aircraft carrier. The hangar on an aircraft carrier is a huge special room under the flight deck, where maintenance work is performed and an aircraft is brought in and out by elevator. It does not matter how large the ship is; it must be able to accommodate its whole complement of aircraft and provide adequate space for launching, storing, and repairing those aircraft. Space is also required for the large crew, supplies (food, munitions, fuel, engineering parts), and propulsion.

The hangar is used not only for stowing and servicing aircraft but also as a space in which aircraft can be warmed up before taking flight, and access is provided to other areas of the ship.

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