US Scientists JUST Announced іnѕаne NEW UFO Airplane

Have you ever seen unusual new UFO clouds in the sky or strange lines after a plane is flown by have you ever considered that it might not be a plane?

That the clouds might just be a cover for a more mysterious object.

This year residents of the United States have been reporting sightings of unidentified flying objects twice as often as before.

New eyewitness footage showing inexplicable objects moving in the sky keeps popping up on the internet there have been nearly a thousand reports in just two months.

Isn’t that scary? it’s terrifying to even imagine how many cases like this might have occurred all over the world. but wait aren’t there plenty of other explanations for UFOs weather phenomena secret planes hysteria or plain old hoaxes?

We may want to believe in these explanations but now even the Pentagon is reporting mysterious objects in the sky.


Some of these cases can be explained by military testing of experimental aircraft but there are instances that no one can explain.

Let’s try to figure it out ourselves I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to anyone that many countries are developing military technologies that we may never know about but over time a complete picture can be put together based on rumors or direct confessions from people who’ve worked at secret bases hidden all around the world.

This is how information about a top-secret aircraft ended up online becoming a real nightmare for ufologists the TR-3B codenamed Black Manta it’s no wonder that it’s often mistaken for a UFO.

If you were to see it in the sky you’d probably think so too according to official sources the Black Manta is an aerospace platform that’s 590 feet long and 328 feet wide.

The aircraft is often mistaken for a UFO due to its triangular shape and complete silence. That is a secret space program.
This aircraft’s engine essentially generates a powerful magnetic Vortex field and the beam of light that’s periodically emitted by this generator could be perceived by witnesses as extraterrestrial light to put it simply the main power source on the TR-3B is a modified nuclear engine.

Which along with other Technologies makes the aircraft look incredibly light and maneuverable.

Experts believe that the aircraft’s features and capabilities are only limited by the amount of stress its airframe can handle. it’s difficult to say how real the TR-3B Black Manta is but there are a bunch of videos of a huge triangular object hovering in the sky on the internet.

About six miles off the coast of Malibu private researchers recorded two very strange events
1 Firstly one of the pentagon’s most secretive projects the tr-3b was spotted in the sky.
2 Secondly the aircraft flew over an object that American ufologists call an underwater UFO base.
That is the strangest thing I’ve seen as far as Aviation.


There is no doubt about the existence of UFOs but one aircraft simply cannot be responsible for all of the strange sightings in the sky.
After all the Pentagon has a whole Squadron of top-secret aircraft that people could mistake for UFOs in 2013 the U.S.

Air Force launched a secret reconnaissance aircraft over the Pacific Ocean.

The object was carrying out a national intelligence-gathering mission in other words it was spying on China Russia and North Korea all other information about it was classified.

The Secret of this aerial object could have remained unsolved if it weren’t for a mistake in document storage somehow a document was leaked that detailed the construction characteristics features and personal workings of the aircraft.
Basically everything except the name just like we see in spy movies had been blacked out with a marker however experts were able to decipher that the word consisted of 8 letters.

At that time there was only one aircraft in the U.S. that could have played the role of this secret object the RQ-170 Sentinel not surprisingly This Plane had been the subject of many rumors and legends because it was developed at America’s most mysterious military base Area 51 located in Nevada.

This area always is teaming with UFO sightings strange lights in the sky triangular objects and flying saucers have all been captured on camera within the state The Sentinel was one of the objects that often found itself in camera lenses no wonder because this was no ordinary aircraft but a true technological breakthrough.

While other countries were still piloting reconnaissance aircraft The Sentinel was a true unmanned aerial vehicle this stealth aircraft was created with one goal in mind to spy on critical enemy targets.

Its name speaks for itself The Sentinel managed to accomplish two important tasks it gathered information about North Korea’s nuclear and space programs and became the most talked about object among UFO enthusiasts.

The same fate befell two other objects we actually see a triangular-shaped UFO-like something that would be right out of an alien movie.

The first ever stealth bomber the F-117 Nighthawk was developed at Area 51 in the 1970s developed by Lockheed Skunk Works it had such an unusual shape and appearance that it could have easily won a contest for most bizarre aircraft.

This was the first mass-produced aircraft to use stealth technology in other words the Nighthawk has such a low radar signature that it’s often referred to as an invisible plane but that’s not its main feature.

Its surface is covered with a special reflective material whose structure resembles that of diamonds with an overall shape to match because of this American newspapers once claimed that the F-117 was entirely covered in precious stones but of course, that wasn’t true nevertheless the aircraft turned out to be incredibly powerful stealthy fast and reliable something that had only been dreamed of until that point.

Top Secret

It was supposed to become the pentagon’s secret trump card but it didn’t remain a secret due to its unusual shape which at the time couldn’t be attributed to any normal airplane.

U.S. citizens often mistook it for a UFO filmed it and posted it online oh curious onlookers you can’t hide anything from them and of course, Lockheed Martin wasn’t the only one involved in these classified developments.

In the 1990s Boeing developed its own top-secret airplane the bird of prey as part of a project for the U.S. Air Force at the same area 51.

The YF-118G is a research and development aircraft that was never intended for production but it was brought to life and was immediately compared to the cruiser used by the Klingons in Star Trek.

The goal of creating this unique aircraft wasn’t reconnaissance at all but to test various Aviation Technologies for reducing detectability it was on this plane that the latest stealth coating such as transparent skin has been and continues to be tested and it could very well be the first aircraft to test hologram technology.

They can literally change shape on command these Technologies’ unique coating and strain shape could be behind the videos that show a flying object simply dissolving and disappearing Into Thin Air we’ve already provided answers to many questions but if these airplanes and drones have existed for a long time why are so many reports of UFO sightings just coming out now.

There suddenly a lot of spy missions that need completing that could have been true if not, for one thing, most of these aircraft have already been retired from service and are quietly living out the rest of their days in Hangar somewhere and all the new airplanes couldn’t be mistaken for UFOs because they have a familiar shape right.

What are we to make of the news that mass sightings of unidentified objects coincide with testing dates for a secret sixth-generation fighter jet?

This is one of those cases where it simply can’t be chucked up to chance because the aircraft’s abilities perfectly fit the description of a UFO.

We’re looking at everything from within flight systems areas we’re looking at battery technologies and using a lot less hydraulics in the cockpit we’re looking at using augmented reality and virtual reality and trying to take a lot of the hardware away from that cockpit environment.


The NGAD this Fighter’s all business inside and out each of its components is perfectly matched in every function and complements the rest it’s set to become the technological Benchmark for its competitors as an example of its amazing technology the aircraft has been equipped with unique stealth skin that not only deflects radar waves but also blocks laser weapons.

It also has a system for creating Holograms which was originally tested on the YF-118G with one press of a button and the plane displays an image on its body from the opposite side thereby becoming almost completely invisible.

That’s real alien technology the NGAD is capable of flying at orbital altitudes practically in open space where it could easily shoot down a satellite or even a real UFO.

It extracts information using a scanning beam similar to an x-ray enabling it to look right through enemies and even through walls.

The way we use it is by employing it against targets that we cannot normally see visually whether it is due to weather smoke Haze or just some sort of another thing.

With a plane like this not even aliens seem so scary anymore and it could even be to blame for supposed alien sightings in the first place.

But no matter how cool and technologically advanced these new Fighters are there’s still footage out there of objects that are not at all similar to our typical understanding of aircraft so the question remains who might be visiting us from another galaxy?

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